"We are the solution for waste pollution."
In an environment where energy and raw material costs are steadily increasing, waste is, in fact, an extremely valuable commodity; processing it can become a profitable business – establishing the sustainable waste industry. SWS provides solutions to this problem by developing integrated waste management techniques through the use of cutting-edge technology thus, optimizing waste processing practices with a focus on sustainability.

The SWS Solution

Example of service page our innovative waste conversion technology is the immediate solution to the current and future challenges within the waste industry, and an environmentally safe alternative to current waste treatment methodologies. SWS’s revolutionary waste conversion pyrolysis technology approach provides an optimal solution to communities of all sizes through many competitive advantages of the technology:

100% diversion

Complete waste recycling – 100% diversion of waste provided the carbon black is further used;

Lowest operating cost

Lowest operating cost among other competing conversion technologies achievable through reuse of the heat and runs off its own produced resources;

Mixed waste

Ability to treat mixed waste streams: the system does not require separate collection of waste;

No toxic

No toxic residues to dispose of // Need more info to fill in this space. Need more info to fill in this space. Need more info to fill in this space. Need more info to fill in this space.

No dioxins

Environmental safety: no dioxins and furans in the atmospheric emissions and solid residue;

High productivity

High productivity suitable for large cities: Unlike many other thermal conversion systems each processing line can daily process up to 1000 tone…

Renewable energy source

Renewable energy source: the system prevents greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere while generating renewable green energy and diverting biodegradable waste from landfills;

We don’t need clean land

We don’t need clean land; we build our machine on the current landfill or transfer station;

Little to no risk

Our market approach is that of a service provider to the waste owner. We build, own and operate the plant to provide a little to no risk processing service for feedstock suppliers.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency: the unique SWS process allows extracting maximum energy potential contained in the waste materials in the form of high calorific hydrocarbons, carbon black, and water suitable for irrigation;

Processing Capacity

Our scalable system can effectively process from 30-1000 Tonnes per day.  No toxic can be blended with no Dioxins

Support the local economy

We support the local economy by creating job opportunities.


SWS facilities are self-sustainable, i.e. External fuel is required only for start-up operations after that it will run off its own outputs to create both heat and electricity needed  for its operation.

Accept complex mixed waste streams

The SWS system can accept complex mixed waste streams without the need for sorting. Sorting is only recommended for certain cases to maximize profitability.

Demonstrates excellent practical performance

The SWS system for treatment of MSW and other wastes demonstrates excellent practical performance in controlling the emission of harmful substances such as dioxins with levels dramatically lower than regulation values.


The SWS facility is self-sustainable, i.e. fuel is required only for start-up operations. Steam and/or electricity generated during operation are further supplied outside of the facility to the customers.

Metals are non-oxidize

Recovered Metals are non-oxidized and can be further used.

Treat both low calorific and high calorific

Can treat both low calorific and high calorific waste.

Primary Target Markets


Energy Companies and Refineries:

  • Under pressure from all sides to be more environmentally responsible
  • Goal is to turn a higher profit and we can eliminate some of their costs of doing business


Environmental Authorities, which own landfill assets:

  • Costly to maintain, our solution offers them a reduced budget and no capital expense
  • Searching for a way to move to a more sustainable way of dealing with waste.