About Us

"We are the solution for waste pollution."

Sustainable Waste Solutions Inc.

SWS specializes in plant design and manufacturing for the purpose of processing of mixed waste (feedstock) into high quality heating oil and carbon black utilizing cutting edge Pyrolysis and Nano Filtration technologies.

Using our proven technology, our strategy is to negotiate guaranteed feedstock contracts, custom build and operate these plants to meet the specific needs of each region and deliver high quality energy products to our already established network of distributors and refineries. SWS empowers entrepreneurs to profit from philanthropy by applying a performance based growth model. We aim to complement existing infrastructures and allow for almost anyone to help do their part to clean up the world. Our proprietary systems produce strong economic results from eliminating almost any waste in the most environmental way possible to date.

Garbage into profit.

Together we can lead the waste revolution

To eliminate costly landfills, recover the maximum potential energy in waste and supply a new form of alternative green energy to the market place.  Our primary business objective is to turn garbage into profit for our shareholders in an environmentally friendly way.
Building a sustainable future.

Waste to energy facilities.

Through the use of leading edge technology, our customized design solutions and diverse management skill base, SWS will be the leading national provider of profitable waste-to-energy facilities.

Executive Team

SWS’s international team has a wide range of experience in all areas of the alternative energy and waste-to-energy industries. The SWS team is knowledgeable in a variety of international Business Models with experience in North America, Europe and the Middle East. This extensive experience enables SWS to acquire the precise technology required to provide customized solutions for diverse geographical and environmental needs.

Social responsibility

Building a sustainable future

SWS is committed to building a sustainable future.  It is our social and environmental obligation to ensure all aspects of our business are executed in a methodology that is future-focused and sustainable.  Keeping with this focus, SWS ensures that every step of our waste-to-energy process provide minimal risk of negative environmental impact.

Recycling and incineration

Current techniques used for waste reduction are expensive to the community, inefficient and can be harmful to the environment.  The most common techniques currently used include landfilling, recycling and incineration.   There is an emerging trend within local government authorities to actively explore waste reduction and repurposing solutions.

Effectively empower entrepreneurs

Our proven system can effectively empower entrepreneurs to profit substantially from doing their part to clean up the mess we have made.  By fusing philanthropy and profit together you will also enjoy a vibrant and altruistic social status.

No harmful emissions

SWS’s state of the art technologies produce no harmful emissions, require very little electricity, are heated by their own outputs and leave no un-recycled materials at the end of the process.  In addition to reducing the harmful emissions and increasing profitability, SWS’s approach reduces the financial burden of private and public bodies, as our tipping fees to feedstock owners are significantly lower than to the current waste elimination technologies.